Sunday, August 30

Thanks Guys!

Hey I just wanna say thank you to everyone who made my birthday even more memorable with really nice wishes. Thanks! :)

Sunday, August 23


Hey, I won't be updating much nowadays cause trials are coming very soon :(

I have yet to finish reading SEJARAH which is a killer :S Well, I'll update when I'm not so busy aight? :)

Till then.

Sunday, August 16

Happy Birthday Uncle Din! :)

Happy Birthday Uncle Din!

Thanks for everything that you've taught me all this while. Sorry for all of my wrong doings. Have a great birthday and have a safe trip back! May Allah bless you and family. Take care :)

Saturday, August 8


I love today! =)

I could very well remember last year exactly on this day, I had one of the most nervous yet happiest days in my life :)

It was 080808 and that day means a lot to me and I can't believe it has been a year already. Today, on 080809, I wanna wish baby Happy 1 Year Anniversary! =), I love you.

Anyhoo, today mum, Iman, Ihmran and I were supposed to watch G.I. Joe together but then all of a sudden, Iman fell sick. Not sure why though but I hope she gets well soon! :) Sooo, since my mum collected the tickets already, mum, Ihmran and I went as Iman had to stay at home and rest :(

Well, the movie was damn effing AWESOME! Seriously, for me I find it really interesting. Better than Terminator and Transformers 2. Hahaha. I've had a really great 080809 day today and I guess thats about it. See ya!

Monday, August 3

Bat Country.

Yooooo! So sorry for the hiatus. I was really caught up with life till I didn't have much time to blog but I guess since I procrastinated, I'll have to blog about most of the stuff now.

I know this is old news but last week SBU was closed down due to the H1N1 outbreak which affected some of the students in our school. So the Jabatan decided to close down the school for a week.

Well, it was quite an interesting 'holiday' but it was quite boring as well. No jokers at home unlike in school. :(

Sunday, July 26

Happy 15th Birthday Trishala! :)

You're the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. You make my day everyday. You always put a smile on my face. Thank you for everything that you've done for me hunn. I'm very grateful to have someone as caring and understanding as you. I apologize for all of my mistakes that I've done all this while. Have an awesome sexy birthday and all the best in whatever you do. I'll always be there for you hunn. Take care and have fun! ;D

Love, Zan.

Monday, July 20

Happy Birthday Yin!

Heyyy, so sorry for the late wish!

Happy Smashing Seventeenth Birthday!!! :)

I wish you all the best in everything you do in life. May god bless you and have fun!

Hope you and *wink wink* last foreverrrrr =D

Take care!

Friday, July 17

Happy Seventeenth Birthday Kim!

Thanks for being a great friend all these while. May god bless you and have fun boss! :)